Published on Wednesday 6 July 2022

The first ever comprehensive audit of Malta’s music ecosystem and night-time economy will be kicking off in 2022 through a collaboration between Arts Council Malta and Sound Diplomacy, an international music policy consultancy and global expert in developing long-term and self-sufficient music strategies. This audit marks an important step in ACM’s ongoing work to position music and the night-time economy as a key driver in the advancement of the Arts Council Malta Strategy 2025.

The objective of this partnership is to continue to boost Malta’s growing reputation as a place with a vibrant music ecosystem and night-time economy. The purpose is for stakeholders and practitioners to have access to comprehensive and accurate research datasets so Malta can pursue the most effective and impactful interventions to support the music and night-time economy in connection to the wider National Cultural Policy. This study will enable Arts Council Malta and Sound Diplomacy to benchmark the trajectory of Malta’s music ecosystem in relation to international trends.

The work will take place across a 2-year period, seeking cross-sector discipline collaboration that will engage the wider community in developing strategic objectives by Sound Diplomacy through an in-depth mapping of the music and night-time economy ecosystem, and stakeholder roundtables and interviews. This will inform a Malta Music and NTE Strategic Plan in Year 2 with findings and actions for Arts Council Malta to take forward.

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