Through the project YEeP! – Youth and Elderly explore photography, two generations managed to find a common interest, and discover the art of photography, which can be considered one of the crosscutting tools of mass artistic expression of the last century.

The project was developed by the NGO Kopin, in collaboration with Darrin Zammit Lupi, renowed photographer, and made possible thanks to the President’s Creativity Award and the Arts Council Malta.
The 13 participants attended four photography classes which provided them with basic knowledge about composition techniques and tips about the different kinds of photography. During the sessions, the participants have also been asked to translate into practice the skills acquired during the lessons and had the chance to interact with each other, in order to exchange ideas and tips on how to take a good picture.
As the final stage of the project, an exhibition was set up, which has offered the participants the opportunity to show theirphotographs to the public, being it family, friends or simply visitors.