Supported by the International Cultural Exchanges Scheme

COOKIE JAR was an original, new writing comedy drama play, directed by Bettina Paris and produced by her theatre company Abeille Theatre in London. 

The project involved almost two weeks of full-time rehearsals, culminating in a 6-performance run of COOKIE JAR from the 29th September – 1st October 2022. The play’s main theme highlighted image-based sexual abuse as a worldwide issue and interrogated how new technology is being weaponized against women; taking their voices, faces & bodies. 

The team of eleven that brought COOKIE JAR to life was made up of creatives from all over the globe including Malta, England, Wales, Spain, Vietnam & France. It served as Bettina’s directorial debut off Maltese shores, in London - one of the main hubs for theatre and the arts. She also worked dramaturgically alongside the writer for over 3 years on the script, of which its debut also served as the writer’s first staged full-length play.  

COOKIE JAR also formed part of The Space Arts Centre’s 2022 programme, within their Autumn/Winter season of events. The Space is located in the Isle of Dogs, London, its aims as an organisation are to increase access to the arts and provide support for new artists. Their patronage includes Sir Ian McKellen & Marie McLaughlin.