Supported by the International Cultural Exchanges Scheme

Aaron Bezzina and Ryan Falzon participated in an exchange consisting of the exhibition, workshops and artist talks as well as artist studio community visits in Antwerp, Belgium, between 27th August and 8th September 2023. The selected venue is an exhibition space affiliated with Sint Lucas Antwerpen – School of Arts in Antwerp.  Projects like these provide ongoing opportunities through established collaborations and assist local artists in networking and growth. The exhibition therefore contributed to the international portfolios of both artists. 

The exhibition of this project in Antwerp served as the second and final step of the international project titled "Rituals of Passage." The first part of the project took place at Valletta Contemporary from March to May 2023, featuring a selected number of international artists along with Bezzina and Falzon. The project derives its title from the transformative nature of rituals, which facilitate physical and mental transitions.  

In a society disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, rituals have gained significance as means to restore balance and address mental health and well-being. By creating works tailored to the exhibition space, the artists aimed to foster interactions and challenge viewers, providing a contextual framework for the audience to construct their own narratives.