Supported by the International Cultural Exchanges Scheme

God Catcher is an original musical retelling of the Greek Myth of Arachne, the mortal who dared to challenge the Goddess, Athena. She is the only mortal in Greek mythology to best a God without being a demi-God herself; she is simply a brave, talented woman; the kind of character we want to see on stage; the kind of person we strive to be. 

This story still resonates today, as it explores core themes such as systematic abuse of power, societal expectations and tensions, the personal cost of speaking out, and the erasure of the female narrative. 

The cast and musical team was made up of diverse and international artists. This project facilited the international collaboration between Prickly Pear Productions, which is led by Maltese artists Chantelle Micallef Grimaud and Zoe Farrugia, that now live and work in Edinburgh and London, and Petrichor Productions, which was created by two Canadian artists, Cassie Muise and Tyler McKinnon.  

The Edinburgh Fringe is a major performance arts festival which takes place in Edinburgh every August. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2023 was seen as the best venue and platform to present the production. Prior to the pandemic in 2019 the Edinburgh Fringe brought together artists, arts industry, media and audiences from over 150 countries. In the same year the total audience number for the festival hit a record-breaking high having surpassed three million.