Xrar is an artistic project developed by ĠF Abela Junior College and Troupe 18:45 (VO/0371) under the curation of Dr Trevor Borg

Xrar, Maltese for 'sparks', is the working title of this visual art project designed in two parts. Within the artistic spheres it is quite common to refer to the 'spark of inspiration' informing a piece of art. Xrar refers to multiple sparks motivating several pieces of art using as many media as possible. Tired of the clichés, Xrar is meant to challenge the very concept and confines of what is perceived as art for young people between 16 and 21 years of age. For this reason Xrar is being set at Junior College. It is not only the student population experiencing Xrar but also the College population in its entirety - about 2,550 individuals.

The project’s two parts are: a Contemporary Inside 2018 exhibition and a Visual Arts Expo for Young Artists.

The Visual Art Expo for Young Artists will also be the first of its kind at Junior College and it is aimed for any student ranging from 16 to 21 years of age. Participation in the expo is open to all young artists and is not limited to Junior College students.

A professional panel composed of artists in the contemporary field of visual arts will judge the works to shortlist the best works. These works will be exhibited in the new art gallery inaugurated during Contemporary Inside 2018 at Junior College: Venue 18. 

The exhibition opened its doors in February 2018 intended as a contribution to the celebrations of Valletta as the European Capital of Culture 2018 while the competition is set for November as part of the closing events planned at Junior College.

The project is supported by Il-Premju tal-President għall-Kreattività 2017.

More info about Xrar Visual Arts Project: https://www.jc.um.edu.mt/culturalactivities/xrarvisualartsproject