Maltese Mother/Daughter artists at the EU Delegates Building in Washington, US.

“We are committed to make a presentation about our works on the opening night and answer questions from an audience and international media. The exhibition will run from 11th January to the end of February 2018 and the theme planned is WOMEN'S PERSPECTIVES - a Mother/Daughter Synergy.
Stephanie will be exhibiting fine art photographs expressing Maltese culture whereas Anna will be exhibiting huge floral watercolours. We also have the full support of the Maltese Ambassador in Washington. The artworks will hang in the main corridors of the busy, well-frequented EU Delegates Building in Washington and the target audience includes diplomats, EU leaders, executives and employees in Washington, US Senators and officials, international lifestyle media, and other foreign visitors to this important EU representation centre. Publicity material will expand the outreach of this exhibition.”
Arts Council Malta is supporting this project through the Cultural Export Fund.