Supported by the Cultural Export Fund

Elyse Tonna travelled to Newcastle Upon Tyne in December 2019, to meet with the Arts&Heritage team; an agency which - for over 10 years - has worked towards pushing boundaries between historic sites and contemporary arts. As an aspiring curator with a background in architecture and cultural heritage management, the trip allowed Elyse to engage and exchange ideas with professionals and artists who have worked with various historic sites and unlocked their potential through contemporary art interventions. Throughout the visit, Elyse held meetings with Judith King, Director of Arts&Heritage, as well as Dr Rebecca Farley and Dr Niki Black from the School of Arts and Culture at Newcastle University. She confirms that the discussions with these professionals yielded significant input and concrete critical discussions about future projects and her practice in contemporary art. She adds that the experience has enabled her to enquire about common practices and faults abroad to allow her to acquire experience in mitigating such issues in practice locally. This visit also served as local promotion, whereby Tonna had the opportunity to introduce local projects such as Victor Agius’ Ggantija 2013 and ħaġarna. 

Following the above-mentioned meetings, Elyse Tonna was selected to form part of a network called ‘Meeting Point’, a programme dedicated to curators from small and medium scale museums and organisations involved with contemporary art practice on heritage sites. Additionally, a collaboration is envisaged to take place in future.