Supported by Cultural Export Fund - Travel Grant

“PADA / Turps art residency in Portugal gave me the opportunity to develop further my painting practice. The main achievement of this residency was to develop my artistic skills further, to test and expand my practice through individual and collaborative experiments. It was wonderful to work among other painters from all over the world. I challenged my work in contemporary context, working with painting, collage, and found object, which have reconfigured painting in the past and continue to bear on the possibilities of painting in the present. I managed to merge my abstract paintings with my figurative works. I applied different textures and layers; focusing on the process, materials and concept. A variety of workshops, group discussions and crits, as well as individual presentations took place during my residency. That was very important to the development of my paintings. I’ve received a feedback on my work from the other artists via group discussions, as well as collaborating together as a group to curate and present work within the 4-week project. This lead to a deeper understanding of the work I made as an artist [...] The main benefit of this art residency was collaboration with other painters, but also to discover a new language and individual style in my paintings.

“...PADA / Turps art residency gave me the opportunity to work in shared studio space with other experienced artists, where an exhibition space was the result of our experiments. The other participants in the art residency were from all over the world and therefore encouraged a very interesting and eclectic mix of opinions and feedback. I feel this mixture of nationalities was incredibly beneficial to me on a professional level and may also mean the opportunity to collaborate with these international artists in the future.”