ManaTapu has been described as 'an ambassador of Malta’s modern, multicultural music scene'. Its members count eight nationalities and five languages between them, resulting in their 'unique sound' which features multilingual lyrics and a fusion of musical styles

Reputed for their engaging concerts, ManaTapu is a mainstay of Malta's festival circuit, routinely drawing hundreds of fans, local and foreign.

As a follow-up album to the well-received debut EP Timpana, ManaTapu is now releasing a full-length album with the support of the Malta Arts Fund – Project Support Grant and in collaboration with the Valletta 2018 Foundation, and a ZAAR crowdfunding campaign.

The album, entitled Tuatara, consists of 14 songs, four of which feature Maltese lyrics, including two music videos showcasing Maltese landscapes and culture.

The album launch was held at Ta' Fra Ben in Qawra involving various supporting acts.