A project developed by the students at the Gozo College - Rabat Primary

Kreattiv fund

A book, three short novels, and a writing project. This project, which was carried out by Year 6 students, focused on their feelings and thoughts of leaving primary school and going to middle school. Three short stories were written by students in English and translated in Maltese. Federico Chini, an author and screen writer, supervised the students’ story writing while Christabel Attard, helped students with the translation. These stories were then complemented with simple and effective illustrations in water colour, collage, character illustration, graphics, pen / ink and typography. This phase of the project, which was guided by visual artists Emma Morgan and Abi Macleod Clark, elicited a lot of imagination from students. Together with the students, the creative professionals, chose their favourite illustrations which were eventually to be printed in the book.

This project was student-driven, and a lot of emphasis was given to the creative process. Creative professionals encouraged students to participate and to be involved from its inception, that is, from the initial story concepts to the book’s completion, whereby students visited the print house to experience the publishing and printing of their book. During the presentation of the book to the general public, Year 6 students who participated in this Kreattiv project, were feeling proud of their creative output and they were more ready to face the new challanges which middle school might bring.