Artwork by students from the Maria Regina Learning Support Centre in Naxxar has been donated to the Mater Dei outpatients department

The artworks, originally produced on textiles by students at the Support Centre under the guidance of artist Miriam Borg Apap and Captureit Media together with members of staff from the centre, were transferred on perspex through the HSBC Foundation, Prince Trust International Achieve programme.

Through the project, the students were exposed to multiple artistic expression using textiles as one of the mediums. The students were given hands-on experiences to express themselves creatively by painting on different fabrics. Furthermore the students also learnt basic photography skills to capture photos of their own artistic materials. Consequently, the students then amalgamated the fabric artistry products with digital artistry.

The school also strives to encourage students to promote their creative expressions to society at large, including charitable institutions. Through the support from The Prince Trust Foundation Programme, the artworks have been reproduced on perpex and will be displayed at the Outpatients Department at Mater Dei.

The artworks were produced through the project Textiles Artwork supported through Kreattiv.