Tentufiet by Reel8 Productions Ltd is supported by Arts Council Malta through Kultura TV

Tentufiet is focused on raw sound effects associated with our everyday culture, a testimony of our everyday colourful culture and traditions. It-té fit-tazza, is-suq ta' filgħodu, tal-pitrolju, l-ifran Qriema, il-ġostra, l-Imnarja, il-ħajja fil-każin... the list is endless. All this documented through raw sound effects and the characters who form part of these respective traditions, who will speak about their passion, their lives and their everyday routine. These short documentaries are making viewers fall in love with Malta while becoming more appreciative of our unique identity. 

Until a couple of years ago, Tentufiet was just a proposal for a new audio-visual concept. Today, thanks to KulturaTV, Tentufiet has an exceptional following both on local television, with more than five airings daily, as well as on social media, with some videos exceeding 50,000 views in 24 hours.