Giuliana Fenech

Sansuna and the Carob Tree is a Maltese fairy tale, drawn from ancient folklore and legend reworked to modern themes, told in the oral tradition, in a tent. Sansuna and the Carob tree is a forty-minute storytelling experience for family audiences. It takes place inside a 5m diameter bell tent. The audience is welcomed into the space by a storyteller who introduces the space and the storytelling experience. A soundscape then begins to narrate the prologue, featuring the voice of the carob tree.

The central part of the story is also told through soundscape and live storytelling and invites the audience to solve riddles alongside one of the main characters, Katarin. As they sit on a bark-like floor they listen to the narrating voice and look for clues in the bark floor and the interactive light design installed in the tent. The epilogue is once more narrated by the carob tree through a soundscape. The story is researched and written by Giuliana Fenech (Lignin Stories) and is produced in collaboration with Ziguzajg International Arts Festival for Children and Young People, The Amber Spark and Late Interactive.

 This project is supported by Malta Arts Fund - Project Support Grant.