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‘Remnant’ was a collective exhibition in which a group of Maltese and French artists were invited to collaborate and display their artwork within the gallery of the National School for Photography (ENSP*) in Arles, France, as part of their international programme, between the 13th and the 17th of May 2019. The exhibition allowed for the exploration of photography beyond its traditional form and parameters, by making use of new-media processes such as 3D printing, video and multimedia installation.

The body of work exhibited in this collective show shares common themes in the areas of socio-political reactions to the Maltese urban environment. Curated by the renowned Japanese photographer Tadashi Ono, ‘Remnant’ focused on the exploration of the Maltese identity through its culture and representations in historical, traditional and contemporary architecture, as well as through research derived from the National Archives of Malta.

ENSP* - école nationale supérieure de la photographie