This project is supported by the Project Support Grant of the Malta Arts Fund

REL.INK by Pierre Portelli

This project focuses on tattoo culture and designs associated with waterfront workers. It is currently researching 20th century tattooing culture in Malta through oral history interviews and archival research that will inform the artistic process. The aim is to revisit these designs working through the narratives of the informants which will be translated into a visual art exhibition featuring a visual artist, a photographer, a tattoo artist and an artist specialising in embroidery. The project places the participating elderly collaborators at the centre and presents them as protagonists who, together with their families and carers, document the stories stemming from their work environment and experience. The project also engages in a collaborative partnership with the department of Library Information and Archive Science University of Malta, and the Malta Maritime Museum, with the aim of setting up an archive related to tattoo design and culture related to waterfront workers.

It is ongoing and will end in July 2017.