Supported by the International Cultural Exchanges Scheme

OUTCAST was a theatrical performance brought together by an international group of individuals performed across venues in France.  

The central theme of the project was the resistance and injustice that the LGBTIQ++ community currently face. Across many countries around the world people still live in fear of criminal persecution for consensual same-sex activity, leading to harsh imprisonment and even death, which forces many individuals to seek asylum. The performance also delved into the new challenges faced by LGBTIQ++ refugees. Specifically, discrimination due to ethnicity, skin colour, religion, and gender-identity within the adopted society and the LGBTIQ++ community. 


The outcast collective worked with the manager of the BRAZZA Art Residency, Elise Pisani. The collective is a group of Tunisian performers living in different european countries (Germany, France and Malta). Chakib Zidi (choreographer and dancer) was the art director of the performance, working closely with Mohamed Ali Algherbi who designed the lights, sound and scenography of the piece. Shayma Al Queer (drag queen and DJ), Mohamed Issaoui (dancer) and Noura Abdelhadfidh (Illustrator) shared their personal stories and endorsed their respective roles in the play through dance, speech and performance. 

The team worked with other professionals including Jerome Roussaud (actor and light designer), Renata Scant (actress and theater director), Laurence Claoué (actress and theater director) and David Pisani (Photographer).