Supported by Il-Premju tal-President għall-Kreattività

''Thanks to various funds, but particularly to PTP funds over the past two years, Opening Doors Association has been able to sustain its ‘Music Group level 1’ to continue to offer professional training in music as well as performance opportunities to its members. The music group has also been able to inspire and embrace new members, thus reaching out to more individuals who showed interest in our training. 

Enthusiastic and committed members have been participating in weekly music sessions during which they have learnt skills such as playing on a variety of untuned and tuned percussion instruments (and their respective basic technique), understanding and playing of simple rhythms and grooves, solo improvisation skills (thus demonstrating their ability to be creative), understanding of simple musical structures, response and sensitivity to dynamics, following simple gestures of a conductor, reacting to musical stimuli when performing, and many others. Making music within a group/community provides an opportunity for other life-skills to be learnt and developed such as listening to each, cooperation, and working collectively to reach a common goal (such as a performance) together.

It is worth mentioning our end-of-year evaluations during which we (tutors), along with the parents/guardians of our musicians, have a discussion about the overall development of each member throughout the artistic year. This is another opportunity to celebrate the member’s achievements as well as to collectively discern aspects that would need improvement in the succeeding year'', said to Arts Council Malta Ilona Baldacchino, Opening Doors Association's Artistic Director.