Supported by the Malta Arts Fund - Project Support Grant

‘On the Museum’s Ruins’ is a fashion project which explores the cultural status of art objects in installation, tackling the inevitable ‘mausoleumification’ of museums through the design and creation of a fashion collection and its presentation in the form of an event. Taking place as an installation at the Gran Salon at the National Museum of Archaeology, it is a nostalgic reworking of the Medieval Revival wall painting and decoration of the location, which is currently undergoing conservation and restoration, as well as an exploration of the state of ‘in-betweenness’ that the said wall painting currently finds itself in. In a sense, it is a manifestation of the liminal moment between states of preservation.

Artisanal design and couture is here the instrument within a self-sustainable local industry, that uses concept-based fashion to embrace beauty. This collection is presented not as one of garments, but of artefacts undergoing ‘maintenance’, with the conservators working on the wall painting of the location while the models come out in garments that celebrate the process of their production. This commentary on the journey and the process is a movement away from the glamorous end result which often disregards all processes. The collection sees the moment of incompleteness in conservation as a moment of life in an otherwise frozen-like state museum objects find themselves in - permanently on hold, frozen in time, and ultimately dead.