Letta Shtohryn

Object, Objetc, Objecc is a group messenger chat, an email thread, a broken DNA code that transforms itself into a new object when subjected to the environment, toxins, experiences. It is a collaborative process of exchanges across geographical expanse. Having met during a month-long residency at SIM in Reykjavik (Iceland), Letta Shtohryn (Ukraine / Malta), Liza Eurich (Canada) and Katri Kempas (Finland) continue to hold informal conversational exchanges, a mechanism that acts as the starting point for this project. Operating from a platform of call and response, the production of work for this exhibition seeks to explore methods of translation: from simulated to real, from personal to referential, from present to absent and vice versa.

Starting from a shared interest in objectness, the thematic for these exchanges engages with processes that seek to dematerialise the material, or conversely materialise the immaterial.

Supported through the Project Support Grant - Malta Arts Fund.




 Photos By Letta Shtohryn