This project is supported by Kreattiv

In this project, Valletta Primary School took a different tangent and delved into a world less frequented by students; the world of film-making. My Valletta saw students of Years 4 and 5 creating their own short film about the city they visit almost everyday.

Students learned about script writing, film direction and filming. They learned skills such as film-editing and sound engineering. Some students also had tuition in acting, since they were the protagonists in this short film. Through this project students learned about the art of film making, a somewhat distant reality for most of them and they were given the opportunity to be involved in filming and taking part in a film. The students were actively involved in all stages from the initial stage of script writing, which also served as creative writing lessons in Maltese and English, to the final product, the film itself. Students were also involved in costume making and props, which some students who are very skilled papier-mâché, enjoyed very much.

My Valletta featured in the Valetta Film Festival in which students had the opportunity to watch their short film in a cinema alongside other short films coming from all across the globe. Following the Film festival, teachers at our school felt that other year groups should be involved in this festival. So this project created a ripple effect and we are now discussing a possible venture to develop something which would further encourage students’ creativity.