Sarah Vella

A multidisciplinary mobility project between Norway, Germany and Malta, funded by the Cultural Export Fund’s Travel Grant.

“... I believe in expanding ones’ knowledge, stepping out of the comfort zone and challenging oneself artistically and physically, which is exactly what I am experiencing from this project. Bergen in Norway is a small city with a great artistic hub and I have met many international artists who are either based there or are working in Bergen on short-term artistic projects. The Norwegian government helps artists to use rehearsal spaces for free, offers them producers to work with them and help them produce their projects against no fee. Since I am collaborating with a Norwegian dancer/choreographer, we also get to benefit from this opportunity and are working with a great producer who is helping us in implementing the project further...

...This platform was a great stepping-stone in my career... I was working and collaborating with professional dance artist Lisa Bysheim, musician Mads Solberg, French filmographer/visual artist Mèlissa Faivre and light designer Eirik Lie Hegre. We started developing and bringing the piece ME(et) YOU together and this mobility exchange has been the starting point to continue working on this piece in Berlin in August. We, the collaborators, will meet again in Berlin to continue working on and implementing this project before we premiere the performance in Bergen. All the performances have been confirmed for Norway (October 2016), Malta (November 2016, as part of the Spazju Kreattiv season programme at St. James Cavallier) and Berlin (January 2017). Therefore, this mobility has created further exciting engagements and commitments, which will open up more professional artistic opportunities in the future. It will give me the opportunity to expose and tour my work internationally as a Maltese artist, as well as bring my work to Malta.”