St. Edward's College

Bee Creative is a partnership project between St. Edward’s College, Golden Island Ltd. and Elisa Von Brockdorff.

The departure point for this project are the existing apiaries at the College, with the aim being that of increasing the amount of apiaries and awareness, while adopting an interdisciplinary practice between subjects, providing a holistic approach to the theme.

The alarming rate by which bees are globally decreasing is a call for all of us to act, and we the intention behind this project is to raise awareness and do our part in helping the bee population through creative practices. Creative outcomes would help to expand reach of the project to non-direct participants as well as introducing students to mold making, digital photography, poster and label design, painting and building an apiary using wood, wire netting as well as an increase of bees to the present colony by introducing four hives to the present colony.

Students will be designing and creating a visually effective marketing campaign for beeswax products which they will sell at school, while photos documenting the project will be exhibited in May 2019. This project is also a tribute to Mr. Paul Harty, a Year 6 teacher and avid bee keeper who passed away in January 2018.

This project is supported by Kreattiv.