This project is supported by the Malta Digital Games Fund

Marvin Zammit 

Just Another Recon Mission (JARM) is a 2D puzzle platformer set in an unexplored alien landscape.

The protagonist is carrying out a recon mission for a multi-galactic resource gathering company on a newly discovered planet; another regular 'day at the office' for her. 

During the course of the mission she discovers an item that will eventually allow her to cross to another dimension which reminds of a theatre's backstage, albeit a sophisticated one. In this alternative dimension, she finds that she can change the behaviour of objects in her ‘normal’ world. The player will have to cross between the two dimensions to solve puzzles and progress to further levels.

Apart from the levels that comprise the main story, the players will be able to design their own levels through an in-game level editor, which they will be able to share with other players.

The game is split into a number of levels. Each of these levels has two ‘sides’, the ‘Front’ side and the ‘Backstage’ side. Every level starts at the Front. The player needs to reach a predefined Exit in the level to progress to the next. The level will look like a classic 2D platformer (Castelvania, Metroid, etc…) with platforms to jump on, switches/levers to activate, and enemies to shoot/avoid, but in most of the levels the exit is still unreachable as it stands. However, there will be specific doorways that can be activated which take the player to the Backstage.

The game will be made up of an introductory 5 levels which act as a teaching tool for players to discover how the game mechanics work. The subsequent levels (around 50 for the entire game) will gradually step up in difficulty and introduce new Backstage and Front mechanisms that keep feeding the player something new.