The project Interaction Design intervention and engagement practices for Palazzo Falson, supported by the Research Support Grant - Malta Arts Fund, aims at researching how Interaction and Game Design can incorporate more interactivity and engagement with the museum experience.

The goal of the project is to attract more young people and teenagers to engage with the museum.

This project aims at supporting intensive playful exploration of the museum by the visitors and by creating the feeling of being at a home, exploring the secrets of the house and stimulating curiosity.

The agreed concept, which has never been employed before in Malta, is a Treasure Hunt game assisted by a mobile application that visitors can download, which incorporates Augmented Reality (AR) features. The work aims at designing the experience as a trajectory through the museum and its secrets, educating the audience in a fun, playful way, incorporating actual and fictional elements.

The next step is to develop the concept further, in terms of game design, technology feasibility, limitations, etc., while taking into account important design considerations.