The Creative Communities Fund

The Saint Mary Philharmonic Society organised a music festival to celebrate popular traditional and folkloristic Maltese songs.
Their main aim is to cultivate and promote local culture through the artistic development of local bandsmen and ensure that the public is given an experience where tradition and culture is fostered. The music festival/event in itself will be featuring the following:
  • Performance of popular traditional and folkloristic Maltese songs
  • Audience will be presented with a leaflet-token including the lyrics of the songs to be played
  • To engage a wider target of audience plus instill a sense of appreciation towards the Maltese music heritage; a colouring book was distributed to all the children who attended this event/music festival
  • Moreover, as a surprise to our villagers, the evening culminated with the reintroduction of the “Innu lill-Għazziela”, which is an anthem which lyrics commemorates a custom in the village's lore.
All this was made possible thanks to Arts Council Malta's Creative Communities Fund.