Supported by Kreattiv

The project presents a multidisciplinary approach towards the production of an educational feature about the Citadel by Year 5 students. The project links Media Literacy with Mathematics, Creative Arts, Music and Drama. This educational feature gives students the possibility to experience blended learning by working behind the scenes and also being part of this educational experience in front of the camera.

The feature includes 215 Year 5 students (working behind the scenes or as actors featuring in this production) through different approaches, presenting this project as an inclusive interactive approach towards integrated learning. Teachers from Heritage Malta empower students with knowledge about the cultural and heritage value of the Citadel, focusing on strategic landmarks from the area to be included in this educational feature through a number of interactive workshops. Mr Mark Laurence Zammit gives students a hands-on approach on how to select information and develop a good script which communicates a message effectively to the largest possible audience on television and social media.

The project addresses drama, music, creative arts and culture as artistic disciplines together with a blend of Media Literacy and Mathematic concepts. All these areas blend together in one production made by Year 5 students for students.