Supported by the Cultural Export Fund

In April 2019, Simon Sammut travelled to Mexico to release Gravity, an album created together with Mexican bassist Omar Vázquez . In what was quite a unique setting, Sammut and Vázquez  created this album whilst being thousands of miles apart. In fact, the first time they played this music together was in front of an audience in Mexico, where they played the eight compositions of this album. Sammut describes that this project has provided him with the opportunity to take advantage of the excellent relationship which has developed between himself and Omar Vasquez and the other musicians from the respective countries. Sammut was joined by Melchior Busuttil to perform in Mexico together with Vázquez and five other musicians from Mexico. Apart from the live performance they also had the opportunity to showcase artists and work from Malta to an international audience and create the right conditions for networking between the artists from both countries to take place. Together with Melchior Busuttil, Sammut also delivered a Master class on musical production methods and recording concepts with particular emphasis on the use of the electric bass. 

“One of the major benefits arising from this project is that I managed to build networks in a foreign country which has an excellent arts and culture base. As a direct result of the project I am currently making preparations for another project proposal this time to take place in Malta with the participation of Mexican artists.”