Supported by the Cultural Export Fund

In May 2017, Moveo dance Company participated in “Freedom Prison”, a 10-day festival that formed part of the Aarhus European Capital of Culture 2017.  The festival took place in a former state prison, whereby artists were invited from all over Europe to participate in this cultural experience. Apart from showcasing their individual performances, participants also created a final performance based on the concept of Freedom vs. Imprisonment. Participant will display their own performances, and will also perform a joint choreography called the freedom Prison Show. This show ran for two days with approximately 8000 spectators each night and took place within the walls of the former prison. Moveo Dance Company performed ‘Ara Gejja’, which revolves around this concept of Freedom vs. Imprisonment, through the distinction between traditional childhood games and today’s technological games. The freedom experienced by children, as they used to play openly in the past, creates a contrast to today’s static and inanimate gaming children experience on a daily basis. Traditional games are portrayed through dance with specific focus on Maltese games such as ‘Ara Gejja il Mewt Ghalik’, ‘Dawra Durella’, and ‘Bum Bum Il-Bieb’.

“Apart from the exposure we got by participating in this festival, we also gained valuable creative experiences by having to create a performance with over 90 international artists. We worked with them day in day out and we will also watched many of their performances throughout our stay there. There were companies with very diverse artistic forms and experiences and it was beneficial not only to see their work but also to work hand in hand with them.

This platform was most useful for networking. In between rehearsal and performance times, performers sat together, discussed their artistry, vision etc. Moveo Dance Company had time to share their ideas, views and expertise and exchange and learn from others. Future collaborations with some foreign groups were also discussed.”