Supported by the Creative Communities Fund

The re enactment group Legio X Fretensis-Malta was founded in 2006 with the main aim of demonstrating to the public the way actual Roman soldiers and civilians of the 1st century AD lived. To reach these goals military drills are performed as well as educational talks and other displays suitable for children and adults alike.

This project recreates the Roman Fortress with the living quarters and daily scenes (Fort Antonia) and a display with specific emphasis on the Ancient Roman capital of Malta, Rabat and Mdina (Roman Melite).

In order to create a suitable set-up, the group needed to construct a number of tables and other appropriate furniture that could be used during events. There was also the need to purchase certain equipment: a Roman medical set, an auxiliary shield, different types of sword, camp warmer, sets of armoursand a series of different helmets that depict the development of the Roman helmet through different ages.

The new set-up was first assembled during an event organised by the Zejtun Local Council with the name Zejt iz-Zejtun 2015 in September 2015. This set-up was so large that nearly all of Misrah Santa Marija in Zejtun was taken up. This event also helped the members of the Group to interact more with the public.

Meanwhile discussions were underway with Fondazzjoni Paulus and Heritage Malta in preparation for an event in Rabat. This event commemorated death in Roman times and the place used for this event was the St. Paul’s Catacombs. During this event, Roman drills also took place and these were explained to the members of the public present.

The funds obtained through Creative Communities were not only beneficial for the Group in order to make new props that were used during the displays and events but also served as a leap in quality to offer a better product for the public. One can say that with these funds the Group managed to make new accurate shields, a signum standard and the helmets table apart from the tables and stools tied with the display. This display will be demonstrated for an indefinite period with more additions to be included in the future. In this manner it will be easier for Legio X Fretensis-Malta to attract new members. It is also to be noted that the staff responsible for these funds were very helpful and guided us during the different stages of this project.