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G.F. Abela Junior College 

Building a More Inclusive Society: teaching and learning through digital media

The project brought together students from different walks of life and educational institutions who worked together to produce digital art with a social theme. The students were mentored by professionals from the Media Centre and Junior College throughout the whole project.

The group was brought together through different activities such as team building, idea generation, learning about creative skills, discussion on current social themes related to young people and also apprehending the use of digital media software.

The young people learned different personal, interpersonal and digital skills as well as being immersed in values and methodology of team work, communication and creativity. They also had access to professional equipment and learned the basics of how to work with such equipment.

The students chose the theme - Identity - and were helped to develop their idea and bring it to life. The team decided to conduct and film a social experiment where they recruited other young people and older people, got them to sit in different rooms and chat via a messaging application anonymously with each other, where they could only text message each other. After some time talking through written messages, they were asked to stop and give their impressions about who they were speaking with to the persons in the same room.

Following disclosure, the two persons were brought in the same room face to face where they could share their thoughts and discuss what impressions they had. They brought out the importance of getting to know people better and go beyond what is seen on the outside.

The whole group had fun learning and creating together. The closing event was also a learning experience as the young people themselves were involved in its organisation. The skills that the students learned in digital media were put to practice again when they designed the logo and artwork aimed at dissemination, including during the closing event.

The work of the young people has been recorded and is being shared internally and externally (via social media and distributing CD copies) in the hope of inspiring other young people to engage in creative and educational experiences offered throughout the year.