Supported by the Creative Communities Fund

Migrant Women Association Malta

A multi-collaborative project tackling fundamental aspects of integration through a series of intercultural art workshops and an interactive art installation. 

EXPLORERS relied on the community's participation during knowledge-sharing workshops. Open calls for participants were issued and councillors, local activists, academics and other voluntary organisations were invited to participate and run the workshops. 

The projects was launched through a networking session 'Exploring the Other'. The aim of this formalised match-making process was to facilitate integration and inclusion while generating relations that would instigate thought-provoking narratives about the lives and contexts of migrant stories living across Malta. The other workshops were run mostly by migrants or locals who work closely with migrants. All the workshop leaders created interesting, engaging activities for the participants. 

One of the goals was to reach as many people as possible and to initiate social transformation and break down stereotypical comments regarding migrants. EXPLORERS came to an end with an installation called 'Unsung heroes', which empowered women migrants by documenting some of the inhumane experiences that they underwent during their journey. The documentary videos give migrants an opportunity to explore their inner freedom by publicly liberating their psychological boundaries.

The project was curated by Moira Agius.