This project is supported by the Cultural Export Fund - Travel Grants

The Enlightened Piano Radio is a platform of world music and new age pianists from all over the world.

'I have joined this platform in 2015 since my music met the objectives of the platform. My music has  also been streamed on the Enlightened Piano Radio as a result of my joining this platform,' said Clifford Borg. 

The main vision of the Enlightened Piano Radio is that the team behind this platform are very passionate about piano and beyond the entertainment industry in order to offer unique musical creations. This platform is increasing every year with many different pianists from all over the world joining, thereby establishing Enlightened Piano Radio as the main lead in this genre of piano music.

One of the main activities of the Enlightened Piano Radio is to hold annual awards for different selected categories. To date, the awards have always been carried out in America.  In 2015, the awards ceremony and concert were held at the prestigious Carnegie Hall. 

This year, for the first time ever, the EPR awards and concert took place in Europe, at the Berlin Philarmonic Hall in October.