Supported by the Malta Arts Fund

Musiconnect Ltd 

The project experiments with the changing landscape of digital age storytelling, and uses the art forms of literature, sound art, music, performance and digital technology as the basis for a new multidisciplinary collaboration that results in two creative outputs aimed at engaging audiences and inspiring emerging young talent to experiment and push artistic and academic boundaries. This work combines digital age storytelling and sound art with the renewed cultural interest in play, as story and performance are opened up to the audience becoming an interactive space. The Upper Galleries of St James Cavalier are re-interpreted from an exhibition space that focuses on the artist, to a public performance space that emphasises the role of the audience as active participants. Reclaimed objects are intermingled with instruments that compete with digital voices heard coming from multiple angles all tied together through a narrative that is partly orchestrated by the producers and partly left to the audience to complete or reinterpret.

The sound installation, entitled ‘Between the Heard’ includes many different narratives of the capital city Valletta. As the sound travels around the space, so does the audience – listening in and to unexpected noise, echoes, transmissions and conversations.  What happens to the city when instead of being seen, it is heard?

Renzo Spiteri is a Maltese sound artist, composer and musician who creates work independently and in collaboration with visual artists, cultural organisations, dancers, writers and galleries. An internationally active multi-faceted artiste, Renzo is an exceptionally innovative and versatile arts practitioner, renowned for his creative use of sound and unlimited modes of expression, and whose work bears a distinct sonic signature.

Photo by Ritty Tacsum