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Savio College and St Patrick’s Salesian School

Daqqa t’Id is a joint collaboration between two schools: Savio College and St. Patrick’s Salesian School. The project is inspired by people with limited mobility and their right to reach their full potential in all aspects of life. Students of Savio College met with people with a disability in order to understand the difficulties they have to face daily. Christian Camilleri and Roberta Magri were contacted to address the students, interact with them and share their day-to-day challenges and achievements.

Afterwards, students were divided into various teams. With the help of computer teachers, one team built a robotic arm which was fitted onto a wheelchair. This was used as the main prop for a short film produced by the students. The scripting of the film was done by a group of students with the help of More or Less Theatre. The short film features a day in the life of a student with disability. All the actors involved are students, and they were trained through workshops with More or Less Theatre. With the guidance of a trained media specialist, Bryan Muscat, students of St Patrick’s who form part of the media group, will be filming and editing the short film. With the help of their music teacher, another group of students will compose incidental music for the short film, contributing to the postproduction.

So while students of Savio College are creating the script themselves, adapting it to the screen and taking care of all necessary props and arrangements, students of St Patrick’s will be taking care of filming and editing.

With the help of a CSE teacher, some students will also be taking photos in-the-making process as a record. This will also contribute to the setting up of an exhibition.

The artistic disciplines addressed are theatre, photography, music, media and robotics.

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