This project is supported by Creative Communities

The Critical Institute (TCI) created this project to provide space for the creative development of diverse communities, with the aim of developing a collective identity – celebrating ethnic diversity and different memories. Through Participatory Action Research and close collaboration with Integra Foundation and Theatre Anon, the project engages older people in day-care centres with different ethnic minorities to produce a community-based analysis of intercultural belonging. The research process and outcome will be made available online, and testimonies from recollection workshops will be exhibited – with a view to bringing communities closer to the arts, generating ongoing intercultural dialogue and community development, and ensuring continuity through an open debate.

“Through this fund, we - the group of elderly who attend the day care centre - have the opportunity to participate in various creative projects, to remember the events of the past and to share our memories and experiences with others. We also have the opportunity to work on an exhibition in collaboration with people coming from different countries.”