This project is supported by Malta Arts Fund

Bakkanti, a group of 6 actors, will be producing a theatrical project written by Simon Bartolo and directed by Roderick Vassallo.

The audience will be presented with a performance that will give an insight into the complexities of relationships, those platonic as well as non-platonic. The script of “B’soghba kbira” will be light and humourous (dark), and based on the death of a family member, with particular emphasis on the way this effects interrelationships between family members. Bakkanti intends to make the audience identify itself with the characters on stage.

The theatre group plans on having a one-act play at the Sacrestia Vault at the Waterfront, Valletta in November 2016. Other activities will include video-conferencing workshops, a seminar, workshops, rehearsals and six performances in November 2016.  Various artists will be collaborating in this project and original music will be specifically composed for this performance.