Supported by the Cultural Export Fund

In July 2018, Antoine Farrugia travelled to Germany to present his Maltese limestone sculptures in a studio and gallery space in Zeitingan. This event was developed following a collaborative artistic project entitled “The European Wall” which was held in Malta between Maltese sculptor Antoine Farrugia and German artist Volker Hauswirth in January and February 2018, where both artists worked on limestone in a Maltese quarry. These works were exhibited at Iniala Gallery in Valletta in February 2018.

Through this project the artist was given the opportunity to discover and experiment through new media such as wood. Through the entire project the artist was able to produce a large number of works. some of which were the result of his experimentation through a new medium. The international platform played a crucial role in the artist’s professional career due to the amount of time dedicated to his practice in the form of experimentation and audience interaction, whilst being in communication with international press and collectors amongst many others. Farrugia adds that the experience of this international platform has played an important role in his artistic growth, both in technique as well as increased exposure.