Gozo College, Secondary School

In this Kreattiv project students worked with visual artist Austin Camilleri to create a permanent work of art which consists of a hanging installation in the school’s upper hall. Copper wire was used to create birds from the students’ own drawings. The emphasis was on the artistic process rather than the product: art was appreciated as an artistic activity that brought students of different ages and from two schools into a collaborative work. The work also provided students with an opportunity to get into direct contact with a visual artist, sharing the creative and thought processes. The end product was not only the aesthetic installation in itself, but also the memory of such a collaboration.

In this project various art forms - including drawing, sculpture, literature, music and drama - were addressed. Students learned about new artistic techniques in sculpture and participated in the actual production of a work of art by collaborating with an established artist.  They learned to appreciate Maltese contemporary art and reflect about the relationship between intimate objects and space. The artist also developed a long-term relationship with the school community.