Through the Cultural Export Fund - Presentation and Touring  "Baħar Żmien" film participated in the prestigious international film festival, FIDMarseille as part of the International Features and First Film Competitions in June 2018.

BAĦAR ŻMIEN (Of Time And The Sea) is an allegorical film about stasis and slow change that explores the usefulness and pain of memory, and attends to the contemporary situation of a life where physicality and memory have eroded to create an ethereal and bizarrely harmonious world.

In this world, a crippled king whose kingdom has crumbled lives in a remote corner of an island called First in the wake of a bizarre malady of mysterious origin with his two daughters. The King forces his younger daughter to work tirelessly, building rubble walls in strange megalithic-type configurations in a feverish attempt to stave off a return of the virus.

Following a series of encounters with an obnoxious neighbour, a Chinese billionaire desperate to contract the disease and a sousaphone player in search of his bandmates, the malady appears to return. The social order, already precarious, crumbles as the virus takes hold once again.

The FIDMarseille is a high-profile festival that attracts many international sales agents, distributors and critics, and has a direct connection with journals such as Cahiers du Cinema, Senses of Cinema and online platforms, Festival Scope and Mubi.