European Union National Institutes for Culture



EUNIC – European Union National Institutes for Culture – is the European network of organisations engaging in cultural relations. Its purpose is to bring to life European cultural collaboration in more than 90 countries worldwide with a network of 125 clusters. Arts Council Malta has been a full member of EUNIC since 2015.

EUNIC advocates a prominent role of culture in international relations and is a strategic partner of the EU, actively involved in the further definition of European cultural policy. EUNIC is a platform for knowledge sharing and for capacity building amongst its members and partners.

The vision of EUNIC is: Through culture, EUNIC strives to build trust and understanding between the people of Europe and the wider world. We work to make culture count in international relations.

The purposes of EUNIC are defined in the Statutes as follows:

  • to work together
  • to promote cultural diversity and understanding
  • to strengthen international dialogue and cultural cooperation
  • to be a partner of the EU in defining and implementing EU cultural policy
  • to advocate for the value of cultural relations and, as part of this, argue for a strong and independent voice for the cultural sector
  • to conduct research and share best practices



EUNIC members join together in 125 clusters in 96 countries worldwide. Clusters are the network's branches, established where at least three EUNIC members are represented. Clusters engage in cultural relations, co-creating activities with partner organisations. This map shows the global presence of EUNIC.

Currently, ACM has representation in the New York EUNIC Cluster, through its ACMNY representative, as well as in a number of European cities through Embassies of Malta abroad. As from 2021, Arts Council Malta along with other European Cultural Institutes and Embassies has set up EUNIC Malta.