Published on Tuesday 8 March 2022

Arts Council Malta has just launched a resource package, Right to Culture, aimed at strengthening cultural exchange, inclusion, accessibility and participation quality in cultural life.

The commitment towards the fundamental right of every human being to access, participate and enjoy culture, cultural heritage and cultural expression is the pillar of the National Policy for Culture 2021 and of Strategy 2025.

An approach towards sustainable development built on human dignity and based on mutual respect and open dialogue is essential for protecting cultural heritage, strengthening the cultural sector and other sectors, and spurring cultural pluralism.

The full implementation of cultural rights depends on concrete steps for the conservation, development and dissemination of culture. This resource package is an important step in order to address existing structural inequalities - in particular those related to gender, origin, class and disability - and to ensure social justice.

Right to Culture was developed together with communities, artists, and various sectors which are sharing their experience and knowledge and are working hard closely together in order to enrich sensitivity regarding diversity and to share good practice.

This resource package includes two main components:

  • A manual which serves the purpose of a convenient and complete guide with a number of examples of good practice in our communities, as well as external good practice that can be adapted in a local context.
  • A toolkit complementing the manual. This includes useful tools, models, lists and references necessary in everyday practice.

The package was developed as an aid for Public Cultural Organisations, fund beneficiaries, civil society and operators. However, one hopes that this would be of help and inspiration to anyone who needs it.

The Arts Council Malta Executive Chair said that: “The promotion and protection of cultural rights are central to sensitive and friendly communities bursting with life. These are the foundations of a nation that respects itself and recognises the infinite value of taking care of each other, collaboration and renewal. And this can only be done by radically addressing structural inequalities which restrain cultural democracy.”

Right to Culture is available online free of charge, both in Maltese and English. It will be available in a printed version shortly.