Published on Thursday 23 May 2024

A record number of 84 projects will be receiving a total of €820,000 in funding

Minister for the National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government Owen Bonnici announced the list of successful applicants for the Artistic Heritage Scheme which is providing aid and financial assistance to Maltese and Gozitan feasts. In total, a record 84 projects will benefit from this scheme, amounting to a total investment of €820,000 in this most important Maltese cultural and intangible heritage aspect, which is now also recognised by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage.

The funding is aimed towards a number of projects related to the strengthening of cultural work done by Maltese band clubs, an increase in health and safety measures in fireworks factories which operate on a voluntary basis, and funding for artistic projects related to feast decorations.

“In the last couple of years, we have seen unprecedented investment by the government in the creative sectors. This investment has been pivoted on principles of sustainability and inclusivity which form the backbone of the arts. Our artistic heritage tied to Maltese feasts is also an intrinsic part of our cultural identity which must be given the opportunities and resources to flourish,” Minister Bonnici said.

“We have not only fulfilled our electoral pledge to ensure the long-term development of this sector, but we have gone beyond that. The projects which have been chosen are proof of the importance that we give to the Maltese cultural landscape and heritage, as we continue to fulfil our commitment towards the hundreds of volunteers which dedicate so much of their time in band clubs, fireworks factories, and feast associations so as to be able to contribute whilst paving the way for future generations,” concluded Minister Bonnici. 

Arts Council Malta’s Director of Funds and Strategy Mary Ann Cauchi stated that this scheme is in line with Arts Council Malta’s strategy to continue strengthening cultural heritage and those artforms which make the Maltese cultural landscape unique. 

“These traditions that are being supported by the Artistic Heritage Scheme form an important part of this cultural landscape, and this will ensure that band clubs, fireworks factories, and feast associations enjoy the necessary support to ensure their continued evolvement and continued contribution to our communities’ unique identity. Initiatives such as these strengthen our efforts to safeguard and promote the diversity of artistic and cultural expression in Malta, which leads to regeneration, creativity, and innovation founded on artistic heritage,” Cauchi concluded. 

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