Published on Tuesday 23 May 2023

66 total applications requesting a total of €1.5 million, were received for the first session of the Arts Support Scheme in 2023.

Out of the 66 applications, 31 consist of new applicants, presenting a myriad of engaging concepts in various art forms or their combination. 20 applicants are already beneficiaries and engaged in other projects; 12 are repeat applicants, or a combinantion; and with 3 being ineligible. The amount available for this session is that of €225,000.

This high demand clearly emhpasises the importance of the Council’s support portfolio, which has the aim to invest in diverse artistic and cultural expression, and in the development of Malta’s cultural and creative sectors. The Arts Support Scheme enables individuals, groups, and organisations to plan, develop, be represented in, and deliver artistic projects in line with ACM’s Strategy2025, primarily addressing communities and creative practitioners, by nurturing creative potential and investing in artistic excellence, whilst also addressing Arts Council Malta’s overarching commitment to cultural rights.  

During the March ACM Lab funding schemes were presented and discussed, including the Arts Support Scheme. Last week, a meeting for applicants of the first session was held, so as to explain the new methodology ACM has adopted for evaluations.  Applications were screened for eligibility and content and are currently being evaluated on an anonymous basis. The concept of the application is scored out of 100 marks, with feedback being given on audience engagement. The evaluation process stops at this stage if an application scores a maximum of 59 marks. When an application scores 60 marks or higher, this will proceed to the next stage, whereby it will be passed on to an assessor. The assessor will have a full view of the application, the marks and the evaluator’s feedback, and will not submit marks, however, the assessor will provide feedback on the project management, budget and recommend a mentoring or monitoring support for the application in question. Following the assessment, the application enters the final evaluation stage. The evaluators will have full access to the full application, the assessor’s feedback, and recommendations. Marks will then be finalised, a rank order will be issued, and ACM will allocate funds to the top ranking proposals. It’s important to note that evaluators will no longer have access to applications after this process.

Results for the first session of the Arts Support Scheme will be issued on the 4th of July 2023, and the next call for the Arts Support Scheme will be issued on the 20th of June 2023. An ACM Lab on ACM Funding Schemes and Opportunities will be held on the 22nd of June at 18:30, at the Gran Salon, National Museum of Archaeology, Valletta. The Arts Support Scheme will be one of the schemes discussed during this evening.

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