Published on Tuesday 4 June 2024

Investment of €234,000 to support the effort towards professionalisation of the cultural and creative sectors.

Arts Council Malta (ACM) has opened the call for applications for the Apprenticeship Scheme 2024, which will see a total of €234,000 being invested in the professionalisation and growth of the cultural and creative sectors.

The first strand, which targets hosts wishing to enrol apprentices, opens on July 16, with applications accepted until August 29. A call for apprentices wishing to join the scheme will be announced later this year in October.

The Apprenticeship Scheme aligns with the vision enshrined in Strategy 2025, which calls for investment to be allocated towards measures that support forms of mentorship, training, and professionalisation in order to strengthen the prospects of Malta’s creative ecology. This support scheme is one of the tools being employed to implement this strategy, thus encouraging further growth within the sector.

Minister for the National Heritage, the Arts and the Local Government Owen Bonnici stated: “Once again, we continue delivering on our electoral promises through investments that not only encourage creative professionals to continue building their skills, but also support enterprises operating within the cultural and creative sectors. Thanks to initiatives like this, which are administered by Arts Council Malta, we are directing investment, advocacy and facilitation efforts towards developing knowledge, skills and  competencies needed by cultural and creative practitioners to flourish in their sectors as this government continues to actively strive towards social, economic, and environmentally sustainable practices to foster infrastructural development while harnessing the full economic potential of this industry.”

This first call for applications aims to support sole traders, entities registered with the Malta Business Registry, voluntary organisations registered with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organizations, and cooperatives registered with the Cooperatives Board who wish to host apprentices in the cultural and creative sectors with the aim of aiding their professional development.  Eligible applicants include those involved in the cultural and creative, digital technology, design and craftsmanship industries.

ACM Director of Funding and Strategy Mary Anne Cauchi explained that the scheme reflects the effort for further professionalisation of the cultural and creative sector by promoting an entrepreneurial culture among creatives, and enhancing their technical and vocational skills.

“Arts Council Malta prioritises the development and implementation of strategies to professionalise the cultural and creative sectors, as described in Strategy 2025. One of the goals enshrined in our national cultural strategy is that of supporting education, capacity building, professional development and knowledge exchange to empower people to flourish in their cultural and creative practice. The Apprenticeship scheme continues to implement this vision by providing opportunities to strengthen the knowledge base and strategies of cultural and creative enterprises, thus supporting the professional development of creative professionals. It aligns perfectly with the objectives of Strategy 2025 to foster excellence in the fields of art and culture by encouraging intellectual growth and supporting creative professionals to continue building their skills,” Cauchi said.

The fund will in fact cover up to 100% of project costs, with a maximum limit of €18,000 per apprenticeship. Awarded apprenticeships will run between January 1 and December 31, 2025, with hosts committing to provide continuous and full on-the-job training as well as time commitment. Awarded project will be announced on August 29.

For more information about the Apprenticeship Scheme visit the Arts Council Malta website at