Published on Friday 22 March 2024

KunsillKafè aims to provide an intimate casual space to explore current topics in the arts and creative sector and to provide the possibility of engaging in stimulating conversations, gain diverse perspectives, and delve into the latest trends shaping our cultural landscape.


The first session will be happening on the 9th of April, with the subject being:


Is artistic expression an individual ritual or an institutional manifestation?  A closer look at identities of traditions, religions, politics and cultures.


What comes to mind when we think about what drives or disrupts artistic expression ? We are surrounded by institutional structures that have shaped identities over time and arguably forms of expression - whether cultural, social, political or religious - within the arts. We are also partaking in everyday rituals that could have a bearing on what is perceived as artistic or not on a collective and/or individual level. In this session we shall be opening up the discussion to explore and reflect on these themes.


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Registration deadline is on the 31st of March.


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We hope to see you there!