Published on Wednesday 24 May 2023

During a press conference it was announced that 26 voluntary organisations, involved in pyrotechnics, have benefitted from funding amounting to €170,000 to increase Health and Safety Standards in Fireworks Factories.

The fund, managed by Arts Council Malta, facilitates investment to further strengthen the infrastructure of these factories so that volunteers can work in an increasingly safer environment.

The Minister for the National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government Owen Bonnici said that this fund will continue to strengthen our traditional cultural and creative sector. “One should also note that these organisations, which work on a voluntary basis, are always coming up with innovative ways on how to intertwine our traditions with modern creations and through this fund, we are also ensuring that a safer environment is created for the pyrotechnicians who apply their skills in fireworks factories," stated Minister Bonnici.

From her end, Arts Council Malta's Director for Funding and Strategy, Mary Ann Cauchi stated “Such funds support local communities and help them grow in a sustainable manner. Arts Council Malta also strives to advocate the promotion of access to cultural heritage."

This fund supports benefitting voluntary organisations to invest in equipment and gear to improve safety, machinery, and tools to increase production safety, invest in health and safety education resources, invest in the infrastructure and restoration of fireworks factories.