Our funding programmes operate on the principles of transparency, openness and competitiveness. We are committed to providing all relevant information about the different funding programmes through our web portal, social media pages and brokerage services in general. All guidelines and application forms are published online. Application forms, most of which may be completely processed online, include clear steps and outline our expectations for each and every part of the application with all deadlines for the different funding programmes published in advance as part of a yearly calendar. Pitching sessions will also be introduced for certain funding programmes as part of our plan to increase qualitative measures in the evaluation process.

At Arts Council Malta we ensure that the decision-making process is carried out in the most effective and meticulous way. That is the reason we engage different independent evaluators to assess funding applications. As of 2016, we will be issuing regular calls for expression of interest from individuals to be part of our pool of evaluators and collaborators. Through this call, we want to identify a number of experts who are able to contribute to the funding process in different ways. Besides ensuring transparency and direct collaboration with experts from different fields, the call for evaluators would lead to the implementation of our holistic plan for the assessment, review, monitoring and evaluation of the quality and impact of the funded initiatives.

 Investment requires proper follow-up and a commitment towards a sense of ‘complicity’ both from our end and from the beneficiary’s end. This is why we will establish a feedback mechanism to follow beneficiaries closely and provide tailor-made coaching, where necessary, to ensure quality throughout the funding process as well as create a transparent record of the impact of the funding programmes on the sector and communities at large.

Our funding assessments will also include reviews of the strategies and financial estimates of Public Cultural Organisations. This task will be delivered through peer assessment and set parameters based on the targets established in this strategy.