Over the next five years we plan to invest one million euro in education programmes that bring together creative professionals and young people to ensure that every young person in Malta and Gozo will be able to experience creative projects. We wish to promote self-expression, learning and reflection from a very young age.

Our objectives are:

  • to strongly advocate for a better provision of arts education in schools;
  • to assist schools in integrating different forms of cultural expression with their own efforts to attain learning outcomes;
  • to facilitate students’ access to a wide range of artistic expressions and develop an understanding of culture in all its forms;
  •  to enhance the value attached to arts education and assert the responsibility of more relevant funded projects which have at their core an educational intrinsic value, thus providing a range of learning experiences;
  • to raise the profile of the contemporary arts, as a context for learning;
  • to encourage better collaborations between creative practitioners and higher education institutions and various departments at the University of Malta so that good practices are celebrated and promoted;
  • to focus on the vast field of knowledge and experiences in Arts Education that is neither researched nor systematized. Our aim is to take research into account when making funding and programme decisions and articulate new norms of assessment for the impact of Arts Education;
  • to support artists in creating works of excellence, enabling children and young people to experience the arts holistically.