Over the next five years we will invest €500,000 to nurture further growth of an indigenous games sector and another €700,000 in creative start-ups and creative entrepreneurship.  These investments are focused on competitive programmes with the aim of creating active communities in games development and creative start-ups.

At the level of business development, we will work towards creating an environment that generates new opportunities for businesses, organisations, and individuals working in the cultural and creative sectors - such as improving access to technical assistance, provision of specialised services, expertise, mentorship, and training for companies within the creative industries by making available resources more accessible, as well as facilitating the creation of new ones.

We will also provide regular support sessions on the legal and technical requirements to set-up a business. In order to create more visibility for creative businesses we will increase awareness of the value and quality of the industry in Malta and abroad. We will achieve this through international representations and develop opportunities to connect Maltese cultural and creative industries with international partners.

We will develop a cluster policy to maximise existing working space resources and provide more opportunities to support the development of additional space. Networking and collaborations are integral components for growth in the cultural and creative industries. We will therefore facilitate connections between cultural entrepreneurs, potential creative professionals and businesses already operating in the creative industries for various sectors to access and attract entry level, middle, and upper level quality talent.

We will increase access to direct financial support for businesses in the cultural and creative sectors through crowd funding and manage a tax deduction programme to increase private investment in the arts. Existing funds and measures will be continually reviewed and updated to match the sector’s requirements. Various incentives administered by Malta Enterprise will be extended to the cultural and creative industries and new incentives targeting the growing needs of the sector will be developed as required.


Our 2020 Actions for Business Development:

  • Invest €700,000 in creative entrepreneurship
  • Invest €500,000 in games development
  • Create a comprehensive cluster policy programme
  • Manage a tax deductions programme for arts sponsorships
  • Foster connections between the creative industries and businesses
  • Collaborate with Malta Enterprise on bridging the gaps in areas of access to finance, skills and incentives
  • Collaborate with the respective entities to address legislation and regulations impacting the production of cultural events
  • Collaborate with the respective entities to address the legal status of the creative professional.